April 2017 Update

At this time, Peacham School District will remain an independent school district and will work collaboratively with our neighbors to form a Supervisory Union under Act 46.


About This Working Group

The Peacham Study Committee was formed by the Peacham School Board in March 2016. Its task is to explore options and gather data on potential school configurations that meet the goals of Act 46, Vermont's new school governance law.

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Potential Paths Forward:

1. PK-6 Merger

Form a PK-6 district with like communities that operate PK-6 schools, such as Greensboro & Stannard. Keep middle school choice. Keep high school choice.

2. PK-8 Merger

Join a PK-8 district with Barnet, Waterford & Walden. Give up middle school choice. Keep high school choice.

3. Independent PK-12 District

Form a new Supervisory Union. Operate as an independent PK-6 at Peacham. Keep middle school choice. Keep high school choice.

4. Tuition All Students

Close Peacham Elementary School. Tuition out all students, providing families school choice for all grades, PK-12.

Updates + Meeting Minutes

Find minutes and related links from the Peacham Study Committee, the Peacham School Board, and the K-8 and K-6 exploratory committees. Click here