Peacham Study Committee Meeting Notes: April 27, 2016

Volunteers for the local Peacham Study Committee held an organizational meeting. The following attended: Anna Rubin, Sean Markey, Cathy Browne, Molly Willard, Cornelia Hassenfus, Jessica Roy, Mike Heath and Margaret Maclean.

This group is acting as a committee of the board and will report to the school board. Mike and Cornelia represented the board at the meeting.

The group discussed the flowing topics.

  • Why a local study committee?
  • What is the current state of Act 46 activity in the district?
  • What is the task of this working group?

It was agreed the working group would:

  • Consider all viable options available for Peacham School
  • Gather evidence as to how each option meets the goals of the law
  • Research the possibilities
  • Make recommendations to the board

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