Peacham Study Committee Meeting Notes: May 19, 2016

Attendees: Margaret Maclean, Cornelia Hassenfus, Mike Heath, Anna Rubin, Jessica Roy, Cathy Browne, Molly Willard, Sean Markey, Jennifer Burchell

We welcomed Jen Burchell to the group.

We discussed the survey and took the advice recommended by CCSU Superintendent Matt Forest to reduce the questions at this time to the essential questions, rather than ask for input on options about which we do not currently have sufficient information.

We discussed the timeline. With the decision made to connect with the Greensboro and Stannard communities we will have additional time to complete the committee work as Peacham will not be joining a 706b committee until that is completed.

This extends our previous timeline from late June into the fall.

Molly will redo the survey and we will share this info with the board prior to the Tues pm 5/25th meeting. We hope to get the survey out by the end of the week.

Cathy Browne offered to assist Cornelia and Anna on writing and data gathering.

Anna and Cornelia will complete a short report on the tuition patterns for 7/8th grade and the extent to which the Peacham community utilizes their ability to choose schools for those grades. They shared data gathered to date from the past several years. They will also include survey information once that is gathered into the short report.

Sean will work to develop a website draft for the committee.

Margaret will continue the group/board communication role.

Mike will continue the superintendent liaison.

We will meet again on THURSDAY JUNE 16TH at 6:30 at school.

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