Peacham Study Committee Meeting Notes: May 5, 2016

Attendees: Anna Rubin, Molly Willard, Cornelia Hassenfus, Jessica Roy, Mike Heath and Margaret Maclean.

The group decided to begin work in two areas:

Communications (Molly, Margaret, Mike ]

  • Send Mail Chimp via Mark Clough to inform everyone regarding the work of the group COMPLETED
  • Develop a community survey for distribution electronically via mail chimp, Front Porch Forum, and For the Love of Peacham Facebook page along with additional paper copies.
  • Target distribution the last week of May.

Evidence-gathering related to how Peacham meets Act 46 goals. (Anna, Jessica, Cornelia)

  • Gather census data re grade level cohort groups 0 -18 years.
  • Gather data re school choice in grades 7-12
  • Gather student performance data K -6
  • Gather public performance data 7-12 [Honor roll, awards recognitions, etc. for Peacham students]
  • Gather post-secondary data for 18-20 year olds if possible.

The group will use the next two weeks to work on these tasks and report back at our next meeting.

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