Peacham Study Committee Meeting Notes: June 16, 2016

Attendees: Margaret MacLean, Cathy Browne, Cornelia Hassenfuss, Mike Heath, and Jessica Roy.

We reviewed the survey and decided to post the summary results on the website. Sean will post them shortly. We will send the access info to the board and full committee so they can review all the comments. We are not including the comments on the website as many contained names and all the comments voiced individual preferences or information.

We reviewed census data gathered by Cornelia and noted the number of pre school and younger children in town whose parents anticipate utilizing the school.
This information will go in our final report to the board.

We discussed gathering additional financial information, which we will do in the next month.

We discussed inviting Susan Clark to Peacham August 22ND or 23rd to make a presentation on Act 46 and democracy. We decided to invite area towns and will plan further by email once we get a date. Susan Clark is a facilitator, educator, VPR commentator and the co-author with Woden Teachout of “Slow Democracy: Rediscovering Community, Bringing Decision Making Back Home.” She is also Town Moderator of Middlesex, Vermont.


  • The Peacham School Board will hold a meeting with the Greensboro and Stannard boards on Monday, June 27th in Greensboro.
  • The next Peacham Act 46 Study Committee meeting will be held August 4th at Peacham Elementary School. We will work by email between now and then.

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