Peacham Study Committee Meeting Notes: November 3, 2016

Attendees: Margaret Maclean, Jen Burchell, Anna Rubin and Sean Markey

Agenda Items

1. PK-6 Exploratory Meeting
We discussed the initial meeting of the Stannard /Greensboro/Peacham PK-6 Study Committee which was held at Peacham School on November 1st.

The tentative next meeting is November 22nd at the Danville SU offices at 5:30.
This will be confirmed after the November board meetings of each board.

The conversation on the 1st confirmed:

  • That there is an educational basis for continued conversations [ direct quote for consultant Peter Clark ]
  • There are potential viable routes to merger of the 2 PK-6 schools again as noted by Peter Clark
  • There are complications to be overcome related to the different operating structures of Stannard and Greensboro. [Stannard operates like Peacham. Greensboro is in a union district for grades 7-12, together they operate Lakeview a PK-6 school]
  • What surrounding districts will do remains to be seen, therefore the ultimate SU partnerships, which will result from the potential mergers of surrounding districts, is currently unclear.

2. Work of the Study Committee

A. We discussed the ongoing collection of data. Jen Burchell will take the lead on gathering census data; we have the data for current grade levels in school but need more accurate information on 0-3 year olds currently in town. Jen will consult with the town clerks office to gather this information. If you know of 0-3 years currently living in town please let committee members know. Thank you

We are also in need of additional school performance data for Peacham Students. Cornelia and Cathy were working on this aspect. Cornelia and Cathy if you can send the committee a status report on what you have and what is outstanding that would be helpful. We can continue this work over the next month.

B. Finally we discussed making short videos of Peacham residents expressing their opinions on the decisions Peacham faces regarding Act 46. These short 2-3 minute clips will be made available on the website and will purposefully represent the range of views of a variety of community members. We are planning to interview parents of preschool children, school age children at the elementary, middle and high school level and community members. We hope over the next month to develop 6-8 video segments. If you are interested in participating in this please call or email Margaret and or Sean to set it up. The filming will take place in the town library.

C. We discussed a next meeting date in early December for the full committee. Our plan is to present our final findings and recommendations to the Peacham School Board at the FEBRUARY 2017 School Board meeting.

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