Peacham Act 46 Study Committee 12/12/16 Meeting Notes

Attendees – Margaret MacLean, Cathy Browne, Cornelia Hassenfuss, Mike Heath, Jen Burchell, Anna Rubin and Molly Willard

We reviewed the census data collected, which is complete.

  • We will post data that has student numbers 0 -6th grade. Jen agreed to send this doc to Margaret.
  • We will also post data what has enrollment numbers historically for 7-12 including school of attendance. Cornelia agreed to finalize this doc and send it to Margaret and Sean.

We reviewed the student performance data and discussed what was important to inform community members about. We decided to put on the website NECAP data from 2009 -2014 which shows long-range trends of student performance. In 2015 the state moved to the SBAC test, which is not comparable with the NECAP results. We decided to post SBAC data for 2015 and 2016 with state comparisons.

  • Cornelia will prepare these docs and send them to Margaret and Sean Cathy is willing to help Cornelia as needed.

Margaret updated the group re what Sean has been doing.

  • Molly will contact Sean to be videoed.
  • Jen will contact Amanda Branson Gill to be videoed.
  • Margaret will contact the Moore’s to see if Jenny Moore a recent graduate would be willing to be videoed.
  • Sean has 4 other videos’ he is organizing with Marilyn Magnus, Jean Dedam, Dart Thalman and George Kempton.
  • If all are completed this will total 13 video’s. We thank Sean for his time pulling all this together and for all his time on the website.

We discussed our final report. We asked the board members what they would prefer. An accounting of the information we had gathered or an accounting of the information plus recommendations. Both board members felt recommendations would be valuable.

  • Margaret will write a draft and send it to the group by January 6th.
  • Everyone will provide feedback by January 20th
  • Margaret will finalize the report and recommendations by the end of January.
  • The final report will be presented to the school board on February 13th at the school board meeting. The community will be invited to attend.

We did not plan a next meeting, as we will continue work by email.

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