About Our Working Group

The Peacham Study Committee was convened by the Peacham School Board in March 2016 to explore options and gather data on potential paths forward that meet the goals of Act 46, Vermont's new school governance law.

Act 46 is a new law and very little precedent has been set. Every community situation in Vermont is unique. Under Act 46, any proposed governance structure will be subject to review and approval by the state of Vermont.

Our group is comprised of Peacham community residents and is chaired by Margaret Maclean, a veteran educator, former Vermont Principal of the Year, and international education consultant. We are parents and taxpayers who work as teachers, farmers, small business owners, journalists, museum grant writers & outreach directors, artists, and professionals.

For more information, please contact us:

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    Margaret Maclean


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    Jennifer Burchell


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    Cathy Browne


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    Anna Rubin


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    Sean Markey


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    Cornelia Hassenfus


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    Mike Heath


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    Jessica Roy


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    Molly Willard


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    By telephone:

    Numbers for committee members can be found in the Peacham phone book.