Option #1: PK-6 Merger

Act 46 encourages like operating districts to merge. Districts that operate differently need to change their operating structure to merge with other districts. Peacham School District currently is a PK-12 district that operates an elementary school PK-6 and provides tuition for grades 7 -12.

Within a 40 miles radius the only district that operates exactly as we do is Wolcott School District. Wolcott is approximately 25 plus miles away. A number of other districts almost operate like Peacham, for example Stannard is a PK-12 district, which operates as a part of a union the Lakeview Elementary School in Greensboro PK-6 and tuitions 7-12 as we do. The following towns Greensboro, Newbury, Worcester and Calais all operate elementary schools K-6 but are members of union district high schools 7-12.

The Peacham School district has made contact with the Greensboro and Stannard school boards that operate the Lakeview School in Greensboro to see if they would like to explore a K-6 merger possibility. At this time all 3 school boards have voted to begin an exploratory conversation to see if this merger possibility has promise and potential.

  • This merger would allow Peacham to retain its current operating structure
  • The merger would allow Peacham to retain school choice in grades 7-12.
  • This merger would be of like size schools and communities and Peacham would be able to retain an equal measure of representation and voice.
  • This merger would allow Peacham to retain its small schools grant as a merger support grant and benefit from temporary tax incentives.

After exploring this merger possibility with the Greensboro and Stannard boards Peacham could vote to form a 706b committee to craft articles for agreement and a vision for how the schools would work together and move this merger to a town vote.

Should a merger result from the collaboration of these three communities the new district would be a part of a new supervisory union. Depending on other mergers taking place in our geographic area this would be a larger governing group. Within the new supervisory union contractual arrangements could be made which would enhance collaboration to meet the goals of the law between the districts that are supervisory union members.

For example the end result could look like this:

Supervisory Union
K-8 Walden, Barnet and Waterford–one school board

K-6 Peacham Greensboro and Stannard–one school board
K-12 Danville as a standalone district or merged with Cabot and/or Twinfield–1 school board

The supervisory union would meet the numbers guidelines outlined in Act 46 creating a larger district. It would be comprised of schools from 4 different existing supervisory unions but reduce governance from potentially 7 school boards to 3 school boards.

Please note this final structure would result from local community mergers within the region and other end results could occur.