Option #2: PK-8 Merger

Create One PK-8 District

Peacham has been a member of an exploratory committee with Barnet, Walden and Waterford. This merger would create one district, which would operate PK-8 and tuition grades 9-12.

  • This will result in a change in the current operating structure of Peacham School from K-6 to K-8.
  • The town would voluntarily relinquish open school choice in grades 7/8. Peacham has historically offered open choice in grades 7/8 and this choice is protected in section 4 of the law. Peacham is allowed to voluntarily relinquish school choice but the Law protects Peacham’s right to retain choice should we wish to do so.
  • In the newly formed district limited in- district choice would be offered to Barnet, Waterford and Walden for these grade levels.
  • One school board would be created for all member towns.
  • Due to size, Peacham would have a minority voice as proportional representation is required.
  • A district-wide budget would be created and voted on by Australian ballot.

Currently the school board is exploring this option. The Barnet, Waterford and Walden boards have decided they would like to proceed with this option. By proceeding they will be voting to form a 706b committee to bring this to a vote in their communities in March 2016.

At this time Peacham is not ready to commit to this choice. Peacham wishes to explore all our options before deciding on a route forward. Consequently Peacham will not join the 706b committee either as advisable or necessary member but will informally continue to participate while exploring our alternatives.

As with Option 1 this merger will become a part of a supervisory union. Depending on other mergers taking place in our geographic area this would be a larger governing group. Within the new supervisory union contractual arrangements could be made which would enhance collaboration to meet the goals of the law between the districts that are supervisory union members. The final composition of that group will result from the mergers made by our surrounding districts but it could look like the model presented at the end of Option 1 with the PK-6 district eliminated.