Option #3: Independent PK-12 District

The local Peacham Act 46 Study Committee is gathering evidence on how the Peacham School District is currently meeting the goals of Act 46. This work is in process. Once we have this information, we will look at how closely the Peacham School district aligns with the goals of Act 46 and what can be done to more effectively achieve the goals of the law while remaining as an independent school district.

As an independent school district, Peacham operates within a supervisory union. This enables Peacham to work collaboratively with other member districts within the supervisory union. This is something our district has been doing for the past several years. For example, we currently collaborate by having the same teacher contract within the supervisory union. In looking to more effectively meet the goals of the law, we will look at what contractual arrangements we can make to more closely meet the goals of Act 46 while remaining an independent PK-12 district that operates PK-6 and tuitions for grades 7-12.

To pursue this option Peacham would not form a 706b committee, instead they would make a case directly to the state board for approval to remain an independent district.