Goals of Act 46

Brief overview from the Peacham Study Committee. Go to document >>

NEW: Final Report From the Peacham Act 46 Study Committee

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Peacham School Values Statement

A comprehensive vision statement of goals, roles, and values approved by the School Board in 2015. Go to document >>

Peacham School Choice 2002-2016

An excel spreadsheet outlining middle and high school choices made by Peacham students and their families over the past 15 years. Go to documentment >>

Multiple Grants/Multiple Voices

Prepared by the State Department of Education, a brief “frequently asked questions” document that outlines key differences between Exploratory Conversations and Formal ยง706b Study Committees. Go to document >>

Peacham Assesment Results

Find reading and math scores from two recent academic years at Peacham Elementary School. Go to document >>